Solar Energy

We are specialized and core Solution provider for Solar (PV) System Designing, installation, testing and commissioning for domestic, commercial, industrial and Agricultural (Solar Pumping, Irrigation) use.

. A Photovoltaic system consists following parts..


(Poly & Mono Crystalline)

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels (Mono-SI)
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Poly-SI)


(1Ø/3Ø Solar Inverters)

(i) Hybrid Inverters

(ii) Grid Tie Inverters

(iii) Stand Alone Invereters


  • VLA
  • VRLA

ELECSON is using Internationally IEC standard Batteries like NARADA, ENERSYS, SOLAR MAX, and TESLA with PV systems


variable-frequency drive is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. It is an essential part of solar system when installed for irrigation purposes using water pump with AC motor.

VFDs are available with voltage and current ratings covering a wide range of single-phase and multi-phase AC motors.